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Browser Mining: Good Way To Earn Bitcoins Or A Useless Task?

Recently, many websites have a new offer for their members: browser mining. But what is it? Does it worth?

By this implementation, you offer the CPU on your computer to this main websites for mining Bitcoin which is a complicated and difficult task and needs a powerful CPU. As personal computers in the most optimistic case still have a regular CPU, this task would cost you a lot. It puts an additional burden on CPU and you can see it through overheating of your Ram and the spinning speed of your fan. Also if you check your CPU usage, you will see a number around 99 or 100 and that’s horrible!

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Now you may have a question:
Is browser mining useful? Does it worth?

It’s not a simple answer. This totally depends on your processor. But as most of pcs have almost similar CPUs, our answer is NO. If you follow people’s experience that have tried browser mining with pcs, you will find the pressure it puts on your CPU and probable damages on your pc, is much more than the money it brings.

Websites may have tempting advertisements for browser mining and the profits it bring, but keep your eyes open, when it’s about bitcoin, there are many more fraudulent websites than trustable ones.

We emphasize! Be completely aware, or just use websites we introduce, which we are totally sure about validity of them.

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