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How to reach high payments in each roll on freebitco.in

Rolling on freebitcoin is like rolling a jack pot on casino. You click and the number that appears tells you in which range you are. But these numbers are not the same for all members of the site. As your activities are more on the website, this range encompass the greater amounts of possible payouts.
Using this website is really simple. In general, you have two options for increasing the payout amount of website:
1- wage. Click on multiply Bitcoin
If you can control yourself not to greed in gambling, this is the best way to promote your level and get higher payments. But as soon as you greed, that’s it, you loose.
2-buying lottery tickets from lottery tab on the menu
The risk is minimum in this method. The price of each lottery ticket is 1 satoshi, and we suggest you to buy high amount, e.g 200 or more. After buying, refresh website. See that the number with red circle in picture has changed.

If the percent reaches to 100, payouts would be 70 satoshi instead of 35. And these increases continues until you reach the maximim which is written over there (here is 703). But notice that all this payouts change as the price of bitcoin changes, But the value is almost the same.


This is your page when you reach the highest payout:

If you are not still joined, click the banner below:


If you still don’t have an account on freebitco.in, just check out our link and learn all about it!

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