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bitcoFarm: play a farmer, earn bitcoins

On this post we introduce Bitcofarm. If you have some money to invest, this website is going to be really interesting. First you define a certain amount of money as your financial input and buy things such as chicken, cow and ships with it (the concept of making money here is based on playing games).If you don’t have any bitcoins to invert, just start earning points by viewing advertisements.

After your purchase, things you bought would be given to you every day, so you can sell them again to the website. this website would give you an average of 25 to 50 percent of monthly benefit.

Now first, click on figure below for registering.

Then, click “sign up” for completing your information to register. After finishing this part, you are allowed to enter website and earn money.

After entering your profile, you can click “view ads” on the opened page and view advertisements in two 10 or 30 seconds type. Then invest points which is earned for each second of viewing advertisement in website and receive money on your bitcoin wallet.

If you have any questions about this part, write it on “comments” on Altcoinner.com

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