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bitcoins by freebitco.in

In our first website introduction, we are going to write about freebitcoin, one of the most valid websites for earning free bitcoins.

The procedure of this website is you get a certain amount of bitcoin for every hour of visiting this website and clicking on “ROLL” button. Value of this bitcoin is between 2 cents to 200 dollars every hour

Payments by freebitcoin are weekly and no fees would be deducted as a result of transformation to your bitcoin wallet. Right now, this website has more than 5 million members and has paid 108 thousand bitcoins to them.

Registration steps:

1- Click on figure below to register:

2- click on sign up, above the site.

3- Write your email address on the new page, in the first blank space.

4- write your password on second blank space.

5-after signing in, click on “profile” above the site.

6- click on “CHANGE WITHDRAWAL ADDRESS” and put your bitcoin wallet address. If you don’t have a bitcoin account, click on link below.

Instructions of making a bitcoin wallet.

7- Win 4 cents to 200 dollars every hour by clicking on “Roll”.


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