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start making money

in our first tuition post of Altcoinner, we are going to introduce various methods of earning money by web, and then explain different tools of exploitation in subsequent posts.

In general, all various methods of earning wages can be categorized in some major groups:
1. Cooperating in sale,
2. Business by Google,
3. Business by putting advertisement on your website,
4.selling  goods and service,
5.selling uploaded files… .

At first, you learn how to make money per “Click”. In this method, Websites with good budget pay money to some advertisement agencies to enhance visitors of their Website and these agencies pay you a fee for each time you click and enter that website. Most of this agencies use referrals for their members to attract more and more users. In this method you receive money as a gift as the users you introduced to target website are active.

this method, does not provide a large amount of money by itself, but if you have plenty of referrals, it can help you make a high income.

Websites of the agencies working by this method are introduced to you in the following posts with explanation of their working system. This advertising method does not require a website, but if you have a high visited website, making referrals would help you efficiently. Commonly, this websites procedure is a certain amount of money is added to your website account for each time an advertisement is being viewed, or every time someone register in that website and other simple occasions, then you can transfer this money to your bank account if it reaches to a standard.

All websites introduced later are valid and none of them costs money for beginning business.

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